The Sexy Fae of Lost Girl by Melanie Marshall

The Sexy Fae of Lost Girl

by Melanie M

There I was casually flipping through the channels, a little bored and trying to find anything to keep me from doing the laundry, and then I found them. Be still my heart! Hello new addition to an old addiction.  The fav fae of Lost Girl.  The central main characters are Bo the bisexual succubus in search of her past, Kenzi a gypsy and Bo’s best friend, Dyson,werewolf, a member of the Fae and Bo’s lover, then there is Lauren,  human doctor ,pet of the Light Fae (also Bo’s lover), Hale, a male siren, and Trick, Blood King and Fae barkeep.

Lost Girl is the story of Bo, a succubus raised by human parents and unaware of her true identity.   A succubus feeds on the sexual energy or chi of humans, usually to the detriment of the human as Bo discovers when she hits puberty.  On a date with her boyfriend, Bo’s first sexual encounter ends traumatically as she drinks her boyfriend to his death.

Understandably freaked out, Bo lights out on her own, on the run from city to city, obtaining new identites even as she leaves dead bodies behind her.  This pattern is broken one night when she saves a young gypsy thief from a guy who slipped her a date rape drug.  Bo drinks the predator to his death and carries the drugged girl to the abandoned building Bo is hiding in to recover.  As Bo packs her things, ready to flee the city, the little thief, Kenzi comes to.  It seems that Kenzi recorded Bo’s feast on her smart phone before passing out and thinks Bo her hero.  And before Bo knows what hit her she has a new BFF whether she wants one or not.

Let’s say right up front that Bo is spectacularly hot.  She wears black leather like a second skin, has dark eyes that can turn hard like obsidian when angry, and packs a punch forceful enough to cold cock any thug or dark fae. I love her.  And Kenzi?  Adorable, funky, gypsy goth girl whose backstory is still waiting to come out.  I heart her too.  Any how back to the story.

The body Bo left behind comes to the attention of the local police who just happen to be two members of the light fae.  Dyson, a werewolf and police detective and Hale, a male siren,Dyson’s friend as well as cop partner.  They track Bo down and force her to visit The Ash, leader of the light Fae and The Morrigan, leader of the Dark Fae.  During this confrontation, Bo learns she is a succubus and a member of the Fae, an ancient group of beings at war with each other.  One thousand years ago, a truce was called and there has been a shaky peace between the light and dark Fae.  One part of that peace calls for all fae to align themselves with one side or the other.  You can be a Dark Fae or Light, but not “free”.  So Bo has been called before both sides to prove through battle that she is worthy (years of thinking she is human has left her clueless as to the ways and rules of being a Fae).  If she is not killed in combat, then she must choose to be either a Dark or Light  Fae
As Bo fights her way through different opponents , Kenzi is desperately trying to find Bo after being left behind.  Humans are thought of as pets or meals by the fae, definitely not something to be bothered with.  Bo wins the last fight, with Kenzi’s assistance, and let’s the Fae know that she choses the Human side.  Meanwhile, there is a side thread with Dyson and Trick, owner and barkeep of The Dal Riata, the only Fae pub in town and neutral ground for all Fae.  They know more of Bo’s history than they are letting on, a mystery that unravels over the remainder of the season.

And that’s just the first episode!  After you get past a very hot Bo, and adorably sexy Kenzi, you meet Dyson who makes me want to squeal like a fangirl.  Irish, inked, and primal, he makes the wolves of True Blood seem civilized (and I like them).  The love scenes between Bo and Dyson are so hot the screen sizzles and walls shake. They get very physical.  No dainty love here.  And then there is Lauren, the Doctor who works in a laboratory for the Light Fae.  She is “owned” by the Ash right down to her pet tag. We don’t have her full backstory yet.  She is also hot for Bo.  And when they hit the sheets, the sex is sensual, believable, and steamy.  OK, look at Bo.  Who wouldn’t go to bed with her?

Hale grows on you as the  Dyson’s colleague and another Fae undercover agent in the police force. He is a male siren, able to render humans and even other Fae unconscious or stunned with his whistle. Over time, Kenzi and Hale become good friends. Hale’s family is Fae royalty and they find his job disdainful. Last, there is Fitzpatrick aka Trick, owner and bartender of The Dal Riata.  He is much more than he seems.  He is a Blood Sage with the ability to alter fate. As we learn more about Bo’s heritage, Trick’s history comes forward as well as the two of them entwined through their pasts.

Lost Girl presents us with rich stories peopled with mythical beings, complex characters, and beautiful sets filmed as through a glass darkly. A Canadian series, it is shown on the SyFy Channel here in the US.  Filming on the 3rd season starts this Spring which makes this fangirl extremely happy.

I have loved reading about Faeries, the Fae, the Tuatha Dé Danann since childhood, stories from my grandfather and my introduction to The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang.  Being of Irish and Scottish descent, my fascination with the Fae grew stronger with each year.  Whether it is tales of Peter Pan or Oberon and Titania, I cannot get enough of the wee folk, the fairies, the Fae.  Lost Girl is a great way to feed my need for all things sidhe.

You can find all episodes of the first season here at Showcase .ca.  There is also a list of songs used for each episode.  So join me in my Lost Girl journey.  Tell others.  We can all drool together.  Come on.  Really.  You will thank me!

I am a retired Park Naturalist living in Maryland. I have always loved to read and books in every form, from baby picture books to paper, have been a constant companion from my earliest memory. I was one of those kids reading under the covers with a flashlight and who could recite whole passages from favorite stories. My love of horses lead me to Marguerite Henry and Misty of Chincoteague, my love of dogs to Fred Gibson and Old Yeller, my love of raptors and wolves sent me to Jean Craighead George and her books My Side of the Mountain and Julie of the Wolves …well, you can see where this is going. Basically, I have been on a journey all my life where my love of books and my other loves/passions have fed each other, intertwining until they are inseparable. Still am. When I go, my books are going with me.

Learn more about Melanie at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. carollanham
    Jun 09, 2012 @ 15:45:36

    This clears up so much for me, Melanie! I have walked through the room while my husband is watching this show and it’s hard to follow in stops and starts. It has a very cool look but that’s about all I could puzzle out until now. I really enjoyed your review! Also enjoyed peeking at your site. I love that you have a pet frog 🙂


  2. melaniem
    Jun 09, 2012 @ 20:11:42

    yeah, he’s a strange one. Loves his ceramic girlfriend. Glad you enjoyed my post. I really enjoy Lost Girl and want to spread the addiction.


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  4. kvtaylor
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 19:44:26

    Well, Melanie, you know you’re the one who got me hooked, so of COURSE I agree with every single word. Thank you soooo much for turning me on to Bo.

    Haha. Turning me on to her. I did that on accident, too. 😀


  5. Jess
    Jun 16, 2012 @ 02:57:42

    You did a really great job in explaining the show, especially if you catch it later in the season.


  6. Trix
    Jul 07, 2012 @ 23:07:52

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been wanting to try LOST GIRL, but I’m stumbling onto it midway through and I assumed I’d be horribly lost. How gratifying to see Kris Holden-Ried in a show that’s worthy of him. (I’ve loved him ever since he played Jimi Mistry’s adorable boyfriend in TOUCH OF PINK, but I’ve had to suffer through some terrible vehicles ever since. Hell, his turn as the Russian goalie in MVP was the only watchable thing about that inaccurate, melodramatic piece of dreck. He was also a cute Wayne Gretzky in the tearjerky Walter Gretzy biopic, but I digress.) Anyway, good to know I’ll get to watch him engage in some hot onscreen love, too!


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