It’s the first night of Fae Awareness Month!

I know what you’re thinking. “Really? The fae? As in fairies? Tinkerbell? Okay, she kind of copped an attitude, but these little guys can hardly present the threat to humanity that zombies, vampires, and other Awareness Month critters do…”

You’ve been reading Yeats, haven’t you?

Yes, my friends, the fae are scary, and it’s our intention to raise awareness of this fact. Oh, they can be benevolent when it suits them, and we’ll have ample evidence of that this month, too. But we couldn’t endorse making any deals with them, and suggest that you refrain from making them angry.

While a single month is too little time to cover the depth and breadth of the fae the world over, it’s at least enough time to make a decent start. Fae Awareness Month blog posts consist of movie reviews–both of the movies we all plan to watch together on given days and of bonus movies not on the list, book reviews, stories, academia, cultural explorations, and all other manner of awareness-raising activities. If you have a favorite fae, a movie, a book, a legend, an experience you’d like to share, leave a comment, send an email, let us know. Drop us links to your favorite resource sites, stories, and magazines. Make yourself at home.

Like Puck says in tonight’s movie, we’re pretty hopeless as a species. But at least with proper awareness, we might stumble through mortality a little more safely.

Ängsälvor by Nils Blommér 1850

Ängsälvor (Fairies of the Medow) by Nils Blommér, 1850 // Source: Wikipedia

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